Corporate Responsibility


We at Inex Works take our role as a corporate citizen very seriously and have taken proactive and innovative steps toward minimising our carbon footprint, engaging our workforce for their own personal and professional development and continually seeking more environmentally friendly and efficient means and methodology.

Environmental Impact

Given the nature of our work, we are acutely aware of the environment and the impact that we have on it. We apply innovative methods and solutions to protect the environment and maximise efficiencies wherever possible.

We know that protection of the environment is also critical to our clients and we offer the reassurance that all of our processes are supported by our already-awarded ISO 14001 – environmental management.

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Workforce Development & Initiative

Inex Works has a long and proud history of investing in its people. Personal and professional development is encouraged with the company’s support and, often, financial backing.

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Research & Development

Here at Inex Works, we believe we have a responsibility to our clients, ourselves and our environment to continually seek new and innovative ways to be efficient, effective, economical and environmentally friendly in what we do.

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