Workforce Development & Initiative

Inex Works’ long history of supporting our workforce is well documented. Below are just a few examples of ways in which we show our commitment.

  • Further Education: Be it specific certifications, courses ranging from technical expertise to advanced management tuition or even university training, Inex Works supports and, often financially backs, the development of our staff members.
  • Investing in Youth: Inex Works has a long history of investing in youth by bringing on apprentices and participating in the Helping Hand programme and Developing Young Workforce. We also partner with Greenfaulds High School with internships and on-site specialty programmes.
  • Balanced Workforce: Four of Inex Works’ six management positions are filled by women and our Operations Director, one of only two officers of the company, is also a woman.
  • Community Outreach: In addition to our investment in youth, we also engage with North Lanarkshire Council and Routes to Work to help place long-term unemployed. We contribute financially to local charities and actively encourage staff members to participate in local charitable fundraisers and activities.
  • Zero-Hour Contracts: Inex Works does not provide nor support exploitative zero-hour contracts.

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