Winter Maintenance

Inex have more than 17 years of experience in winter maintenance. Whatever your industry, or scale of operation, our knowledge and delivery of gritting & snow removal is at the core of the winter services we provide.

We have continued to expand and improve the capability of our fleet, with continuous investment in our vehicles, which are now equipped with a diverse range of proven state-of-the-art gritting solutions to help meet the demands of both harsh, as well as mild, winter weather conditions.








Our gritting program uses the most up-to-date technology in order to provide timely detailed GPS mapping data about on-site arrival time, vehicle speed, and the rate and width of the salt spread.

In addition, significant importance is placed on accurate, and timely, weather reporting. We have chosen the ‘Met Office’ as our preferred supplier for weather forecasting – Each ‘Met Office Open Road’ report is location specific to our client, thus enabling us to make accurate decisions regarding the requirements for salt spreading or snow clearing. Our clients enjoy the benefit of having their location monitored every 24 hours by industry respected and qualified meteorologists.

Throughout the winter season, we provide clients with salt and grit bins and their timely replenishment as well as on-going notification regarding the locations at which our gritting fleet is deployed. This offers the ultimate in service-reliability and dependability, backed up with a 24 hour hotline.


Why choose Inex as your supplier?

Inex is knowledgeable, experienced, flexible and reliable. We take the responsibility for people’s well-being very seriously. We are also aware of the importance of normal business operations continuing during harsh conditions. Ensuring a business can continue, despite ‘Mother Nature’s’ best intentions, is what we do well. We are trusted by some of the largest employers in Scotland to maintain their work areas, including offices, factories, retail parks, and industrial estates.

Why keep the responsibility with the risk when we can mitigate that liability through our service to you?

Don’t wait for the weather – Get in touch now and ensure you beat the frost.