Introducing our Remote Mulching Mower to Scotland


And INEX WORKS has the ONLY one in SCOTLAND!

Why have we invested in such an innovative bit of equipment? The reason is quite simple. We live in Scotland; and, it’s beautiful rugged terrain is a joy to behold. Not such a joy to maintain. The steep slopes and soft ground present huge problems for businesses and government departments on whose sites such issues are prevalent. Dealing with large scale areas in a slow, labour-intensive and high-risk method is a thing of the past. Our latest equipment investment, a remote-controlled robotic mulching mower, allows us to flail mow or mulch the steep, soft and most inaccessible terrain. See it in action or click here for more videos of the Deltrak in Scotland.

McVities slope 2McVities slope other side

Some of the benefits and features include:

  • Can cut banks at slopes up to 50 degrees
  • No risk to the operator
  • Can clear and mulch thick, woody shrubs
  • No need to remove waste from site due to mulching method



With the wide range of specialised mowers on the market the first matter is the angle at which the machine can work. Most tractors will happily work on 20 degrees, some on 30 degrees, and most pedestrian machines will work on 25-30 degrees. However, over prolonged periods, the operator will suffer short-term lower leg pain and the risk of more severe or permanent damage is possible. Furthermore, these remote areas can require mountaineering which is both treacherous and time-consuming. The operators are also exposed to flying debris and potentially hazardous sap. To clear such an area safely and effectively, traditional means require significant time and money.

Brambles and Gorse are great to look at.

However, when they are growing on your site, they are an expensive issue to resolve. And, when they are growing on steep slopes there has only been one way to deal with them in the past. Manual labour often with expensive health & safety requirements and restrictions, removal skips which take up space on your site for days on end and manpower to take care of the collection. NOT ANYMORE!



The INEX-t Generation is here! If you’re interested in how this innovation or any of our others can be of service to you, click here.