Working for Inex

Our Commitment to Training & Development

We are committed to providing a safe, stimulating and enjoyable working life for all our employees and we consider this paramount to the success of our company. Inex are only as good as the quality of our employees and for that reason our expectations are high and we insist on the most conscientious work ethic from our staff. A strong team focussed culture is core to our set of values and all of our team members are ‘team players’.

Training Policy

We invest in our human capital. Full induction training encompassing health and safety, customer care, use of machinery and vehicles, environmental awareness, and company and client procedures is given to all employees upon commencement of employment.

We work hard to ensure that all our staff are given the same opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge within their specialisms, wherever possible – Indeed, with a variety of specialisms already under their collective ‘belts’, continuous professional development is seen as a welcome challenge and a matter of pride.

What this policy covers

The Company recognises that all employees play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the business and is therefore committed to providing training and development to improve the skills and competence of all of its employees.

The Company will provide you with appropriate training to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for you to perform your duties effectively. Wherever possible, the Company will ensure you have every opportunity for career development. This policy covers the different types of training and development you might expect and how the Company may recover the costs of training from you in particular cases.

Your entitlements

The types of training that the Company provides falls into four broad categories: induction, occupational, internal and external.

Induction training

As a new employee, you will be given a comprehensive introduction to the workplace, your colleagues, catering facilities, duties, health and safety and other procedures. Your manager or supervisor will assess your training requirements and arrange for that training to be provided. As far as possible, the Company will meet your training needs by a combination of occupational, internal and external training.

Occupational training

Throughout your employment with the Company, there may be a need to acquire new skills and these can be gained through occupational training delivered by colleagues.

Internal training

Occasionally, the Company may arrange for external training providers to deliver training courses in the workplace. This form of training might be triggered by the introduction of new equipment or working methods and will be arranged when the Company feels the training cannot adequately be provided in-house.

External training

External training may be provided in a variety of forms, ranging from short courses of a few hours’ duration through to lengthy courses leading to the award of qualifications. Where necessary, the Company will arrange for you to undertake external training if this cannot be provided internally.