Winter Solutions Pre-Wet Enhancer

Inex Works’ most advanced equipment and technology combined with our de-icing enhancer: a winning winter combination!


Using a combi-spreader, we apply rock or marine salt at much lower rates by spraying the enhancer on top of the salt which not only enhances the performance of the salt and provides a layer of protection from its harmful properties, it will also allow the salt/spray combination to work immediately when it comes into contact with the road surface.

  • The moisture from our solution will activate the salt’s de-icing properties immediately
  • The enhancer reduces the freezing point to beyond minus seven and as low as minus 30
  • It will offer protection from salt’s toxicity and corrosiveness
  • The solution will eliminate salt’s “bounce”
  • The equipment will ensure the mix of salt and solution is exact for the weather forecast and conditions of the surface for a more efficient solution than salt alone

Don’t get left out in the cold; contact us for a demonstration presentation!