Surface Anti-Freeze

The Inex  Works Winter Resilience Solutions Surface Anti-Freeze is a  visionary service which takes winter maintenance to a new and highly proactive level.


By using the latest in technology, historic research and extensive experience and knowledge, Inex can effectively gauge the winter weather based on much studied patterns. Forecast by definition means a prediction or estimate; we like to call our process “fore-accuracy.”

When the pattern indicates freezing temperatures, Inex Works will apply our de-icing enhancer proactively to prevent ice and snow from forming. Even in heavy snowfall, the snow may settle; however, the treatment prevents the snow from sticking and freezing making for easy removal. The liquid, when applied prior to forecast frost or snow, will give maximum protection with minimum impact on the environment and the service-charge budget.

  • Inex Winter Resilience Solutions Surface Anti-Freeze option is proactive thus preventing ice and snow from bonding to surfaces
  • The enhancer can be applied prior to disruptive  winter weather minimising commercial impact
  • This is a non-saline solution thus eliminating risk of corrosion, toxicity and damage to the environment
  • The de-icing enhancer is effective in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees

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