Winter Solution Revolution – It Begins

Here at Inex Works, we have been providing winter maintenance solutions throughout Scotland for over 15 years. We have invested heavily in machinery, forecasting and tracking systems and equipment. Whilst this technology has continually helped to improve the service we provide, we were all the while still using salt as our default. In other words, all technology – same ol’ salt!

We set out to find a new material which would propel winter maintenance into proper winter resilience. We set very high standards and sought a product that would be:

  • More Effective
    • Instant activation
    • Lower freezing-point depressant
    • Increase to the safe-operating window
    • Ease of application
    • Multi-surface compatibility


  • More Economical
    • Reduced application rates
    • Reduced wash-off
    • Rejuvenation properties
  • More Environmentally Friendly
    • Non-toxic
    • Bio-degradable
    • Low corrosion levels


    We are pleased to announce we have found the solution!