UK Provenance Wild Flora Seeds

Inex Works has partnered up with a Scottish seed expert with more than 30 years experience in this industry. As a contractor, we can offer the opportunity for one-stop shopping for all your wild flora needs. We offer competitive pricing on seed purchase, seed installation, and wild flora maintenance; individually or as a package.

Contact us on 01236 829897 for a bespoke quotation.

Forget Me Not Flower

Click on the links below for specifics on our offered range.

General Purpose 80-20 Blend

General Purpose 100% Flora Seed

Butterfly & Bee 80-20 Blend 

Butterfly & Bee 100% Flora Seed

Acidic Soils 80-20 Blend

Acidic Soils 100% Flora Seed

Chalk & Limestone 80-20 Blend

Chalk & Limestone 100% Flora Seed

Coastal Areas 80-20 Blend

Coastal Areas 100% Flora Seed

Cornfield Annuals 80-20 Blend

Cornfield Annuals 100% Flora Seed

Dry, Sandy, Soil 80-20 Blend

Dry, Sandy, Soil 100% Flora Seed

Flowering Lawn 80-20 Blend

Flowering Lawn 100% Flora Seed

Heavy Clay Soils 80-20 Blend

Heavy Clay Soils 100% Flora Seed

Hedgerow & Light Shade 80-20 Blend

Hedgerow & Light Shade 100% Flora Seed

Loam & Alluvial Soil 80-20 Blend

Loam & Alluvial Soil 100% Flora Seed

Wetland & Pond Edge 80-20 Blend

Wetland & Pond Edge 100% Flora Seed

Wild Bird 80-20 Blend

Wild Bird 100% Flora Seed

Woodland & Canopy 80-20 Blend

Woodland & Canopy 100% Flora Seed