Flexi-Pave Porous Surface Solution – Exclusive to Scotland

Inex Works is pleased to be the exclusive installer of Flexi Pave and Flexi Stone in Scotland. These  innovative surfacing products – Flexi Pave is made from recycled tyres, washed stone and a flexible polyurethane binder whilst Flexi Stone combines the stone and binder – boast extraordinary porosity, flexibility and void capacity making it ideal for our Scottish landscape. The video below demonstrates its many uses, how easily and quickly it can be installed, and – of course – its amazing porous nature.

Whether you have an historic site at risk of erosion, a much-used footpath which puddles in our wet weather, trees whose roots are breaking through the surrounding hard surface or you’re looking for a pioneering new product for your commercial site, Flexi-Pave™ may be the perfect product for you.

Its uses are wide-ranging, including:

  • Footpaths
  • Tree surrounds
  • Playground circulation areas
  • Car parks & parking bays
  • Driveways
  • River-embankment stabilisation
  • Bridle ways
  • Drainage strips
  • Coastal erosion control
  • Cemetery footpaths
  • Golf buggy paths
  • Rain water harvesting

Click here for a few case studies.

And, its benefits many, including:

  • A high-porosity (six times more porous than tarmac or concrete) making it SuDS compliant – Click here for video demonstration
  • Quarter carbon footprint of concrete
  • Finished product has void capacity of 17 to 23%
  • Flexible for both tree-root growth and ground movement
  • Minimises ice and standing water
  • Highly resistant to sub-surface movement
  • Eco-friendly design using recycled tyres
  • With rubber as a main component, the finished material is slip resistant, ideal for inclined paving
  • Impact-absorbing qualities making it a perfect choice for jogging trails and nature walks
  • Extremely low-maintenance creates long-term cost benefits against capital investment
  • Needs no edging or kerbs
  • Can be overlaid on existing product
  • Seven-year guarantee

This product has been utilised in numerous high-profile sites both here in the UK and in the US; many of which have specifically chosen the Flexi-Pave™ for their environmental and practical benefits. Below are a few samples of historic areas which feature Flexi-Pave™.

  • Trans-Pennine Trail – North of England
  • Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming, USA
  • Grand Union Canal Towpath – Northhampton, England
  • Albert Dock – Liverpool, England
  • St Paul’s Cathedral – London, England
  • Saltburn Valley Gardens – Saltburn-by-the-Sea, England
  • Kew Royal Botanic Gardens – England
  • Normandy Hall – North Lincolnshire, England
  • Arlington National Cemetery – Virginia, USA
  • City of Key West – Florida, USA
  • New Orleans Crescent – Louisiana, USA

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Interested in seeing a sample at work or learning more about how Flexi-Pave™ can benefit you?

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