Case Study – Forestry Commission Scotland – Litter Picking & Fly Tipping Removal

The Client: Forestry Commission Scotland

The Brief: Removal of fly-tipping and litter from four Central Belt locations totaling 5.4 hectares

Completed Works: Comprehensive clearance and removal of over 60 tonnes of rubbish and waste

collage pic

Recently, Inex Works worked with the Forestry Commission Scotland to remove litter and remove fly-tipping from four of their sites in the central belt. As the photos below show, the operatives had their work cut out for them. By the time the job was finished, they had removed the equivalent of over 250 wheelie bins worth of rubbish!

before collage

Inex Works prides itself on leaving any site as pristine as possible; the photo essay below highlights just one of the sites’ level of fly-tipping removals and how the site was left by Inex.

We maintain this standard as we are hopeful the cleaner it is left, the less likely to be used as readily for litter and waste.

after collage

We were thrilled that the Forestry Commission Scotland Community and Visitor Services Manager for this project was so pleased with the outcome; our clients’ satisfaction is a direct reflection of our work.

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