Case Study – McVitie’s Tollcross Plant – Clear Overgrown Vegetation

The Client: McVitie’s Tollcross Plant – Glasgow

The Goal: To clear overgrown vegetation along perimeter fence line and banking

The Solution: Deltrak Remote Mulching Slope Mower – Just in time for National Clean Air Day, reducing emissions to a fraction of traditional strimming methods


Our Client, Pladis Global, got in touch with Inex Works for a quotation to clear the overgrown vegetation at the fence line at McVitie’s Tollcross Plant in Glasgow – where we provide regular grounds maintenance service and have for years. Due to the angle of the banking and the tight space between the vegetation and the fence, we knew the best solution would be our trusty remote mulching slope mower.

IMG_6667  IMG_6669  IMG_6671

On completion of the works, our client was extremely satisfied, and further went on to say how pleased they are with the great service our company provides for McVitie’s.

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