Case Study – Bonnybridge – Land Clearance

The Client: Sitka Tree Services

The Problem: Overgrown land parcel to be developed

The Solution: Inex Works’ Remote-controlled Mulching Mower

Our client, Sitka Tree Services, approached Inex Works to request some assistance with a 550-square-metre parcel of land which had had been left derelict. Now that the property owners wanted to develop the plot, it needed a quick and efficient solution.

IMG_5546 IMG_5549

The tract was overgrown with birch, broom, willow and a jungle of bramble; all of which – using traditional methods of clearance – would have been costly in both time and manpower.

Stepping up to the challenge (or should we say rolling up) is Inex Works’ Deltrak remote-controlled mulching mower. This innovative equipment reduced all of the problematic plants to mulch leaving the site development-ready. And, with the machinery’s low PSI of just two, it leaves no impact even on boggy ground.


What’s even more amazing is that the works were completed from arrival to the site to the point of rolling out in just over three hours.

“This site laid unused for a very long time, and the uncontrolled plant growth gave it the appearance of dereliction. Now that the tract is going to be developed, we needed an effective solution in a timely fashion,” said Sitka Managing Director Nick Coleman. “Inex Works’ mulching mower provided the perfect resolution. The operatives were on site for less than half-a-day, and the difference in those few short hours is remarkable!”

He concluded by saying, “If you’ve got any scrub, gorse, broom or bramble issues which need clearing quickly and competently, call Inex Works. I would recommend their innovative approach every time.”